This guide will help you

  • learn to basal test

  • stay in range for hours on end

  • understand your blood sugars better

  • feel in control of your own t1d management

  • feel less resentment towards the effect of type 1 diabetes on your life

  • recreate good blood sugars day after day

  • take the first step to a lower hba1c

What others are saying..

“FINALLY!!!! I haven't had blood sugars stay in range this long - EVER! Thanks Andi for this free guide!”


“This guide has helped me feel less confused about what's causing my high and low blood sugars. I used to really struggle making changes to my insulin but now I can troubleshoot easier!”


“I can't believe we aren't taught this at diagnosis.. this is an absolute game changer and for free!! Thank you Andi for this gem!”

Becca B

“I didn't even think I needed this until I downloaded it. I've always had decent blood sugars but it takes a LOT of work for me. I downloaded this in the hopes that it would help me simplify keeping my blood sugars steady and it's done just that. So glad I got it.”